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Timo Keppler
Board Member

"It is of particular concern to me as chairman of the European Education Group to offer first-class university education, which can be completed part-time. All of our educational programs are carried out in cooperation with top universities. "

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Toni Gruber
World vice-champion Paraski Team Austria 2009, double Austrian champion in 2009, Ski School Alpendorf, entrepreneur and doctoral student

„The part-time doctoral program is perfect for me - this way I can balance my skiing career, business activities and continued education. The support of my thesis adviser is exemplary“.


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Christian Dullinger
Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirtsch.Ing.

"The decisive factor for my doctoral studies was the reputation of a renowned International University in conjunction with the flexibility of the promotion process. In this respect, the European Education Group has adapted well to the current needs and offers opportunities of high level education and international networking."

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Markus Buergler
MBA; Head of the Employment Center Liechtenstein

"Contrary to my school  time , I  today  see learning as a privilege. The part-time DBA offers me the opportunity  to process  my practical experience  in a scientific  and  structured  way and to bring in empirical comparisons.

And I  appreciate professional organizational support as the European Education Group offers  it."

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Gerion Weidl
Management Consultant

"A great advantage of the doctoral program offered by European Education Group is the possibility to agree an individual schedule with my supervisor. This way I can handle my studies very well while working full-time."

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Thomas Bennouna
MBA Graduate

„European Education Group has understood how to optimally fulfill the requirements of working professionals concerning a consecutive MBA program. The virtual learning platform allowed for self-educated training, but also offered the possibility of asking questions to the lecturers."

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Attila Dincer
Managing Director

"Finally a provider has understood that working people need to define their schedules individually and do not have an unlimited number of holidays for attending classes on site. The program of the European Education Group is in this respect the first doctoral program, which is really compatible with professional life."