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Professional Doctorates

Professional doctorates are degrees which are awarded in Slovak Republic and Czech Republic after successful completion of a thesis and passing the viva voce. They are however not equivalent to the third level of the Bologna classification and thus not equivalent to the Ph.D. level. Our partner universities offer the following professional doctorates:

PhDr. – philosophiae doctor (Doctor of Philosophy)

JUDr. – juris utriusque doctor (Doctor of Laws)

RNDr. – rerum naturalium doctor (Doctor of Natural Sciences)

MUDr. – medicinae universae doctor (Doctor of Medicine)

Applicants are free to suggest a topic from the selected field.

Prerequisites for admission to the professional doctorate

Admission is solely determined by our partner university. Upon receipt of your documents, we check in advance if you can be admitted to the doctoral study. For this reason, the requirements listed below are only to be regarded as guidelines:


1. You send us the following documents:

2. The documents you provide are first scrutinized by us and then passed on to our partner university. We will then inform you on the decision of the university. If you are accepted as a doctoral student, you will be invited for a personal presentation.

3. Personal presentation at the University, Entrance Examination and Enrolment

4. Appointments at the university are agreed individually with the supervising professor.

5. Defense of the thesis/ Viva Voce

6. Ceremony and presentation of the certificate

The duration of the study depends on the individual progress of the doctoral student. The minimum duration of the study is two months. The doctoral study is a fully recognized and accredited study program. The university is listed in the database of Central Office for Foreign Education Secretariat of the Permanent Conference of Ministers of Education of the Federal Republic of Germany (www.anabin.de) with a H+ status.

The degree has to be carried in the original form as it has been awarded by the university (PhDr. / JUDr. /MUDr. /RNDr.).

Information provided here is subject to course of study change by the University

European Education Group AG will look after all organizational issues concerning your doctoral study and will e.g. accompany you to the university, when you have the first appointment on site. European Education Group AG will be your contact during your doctoral study.

Detailed information on the study and related cost are provided on request.