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Courses of Study

We focus on serving the needs of professionals and offer a wide range of contemporary, high-quality education from bachelor’s through master’s to doctorate (PhD) degrees. 

For our education and training programs (with the exception of the bachelor), we use so-called Distance Learning or blended learning methods, which are carried out by means of the latest IT learning methods. Our virtual classroom enables you to participate in interactive lectures anywhere in the world. If you do not have time for live participation in interactive lectures, you can listen to the recordings of the lectures. Our study program is clearly structured and goal oriented.

As a result of our long experience and close customer contact, we are familiar with the needs of experts, managers and companies. We have made it our goal to satisfy every customer wish and to offer you a program which you can integrate into your business activities.

The Bachelor is the first academic degree, which is awarded by a university after the completion of a scientific training. A bachelor's degree is usually awarded after a period of study of six to eight semesters. 

The Master is an academic degree that graduates obtain after completion of a second scientific education. The master's degree is usually awarded after a period of study of two to four semesters, and complements a vocational bachelor.

The Doctorate is the highest academic degree. The academic doctoral degree (Ph.D.) is gained via graduation at a university with the right to award doctorates. The candidate's doctoral thesis serves as proof of his/her ability to undertake in-depth academic work.