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General Terms and Conditions


1. Coming into effect
The general terms and conditions shall come into effect with the signature (on paper) or the electronic confirmation of the applicant.

2. Registration
Registration must be in writing and will be confirmed. Admission to the master's programs is possible at any time. Enrolment in the doctoral and bachelor degree programs can begin either in the winter or summer semester. Admission to the course can take place only after approval by the university and there is accordingly no entitlement to admission to a particular course. With the application the candidate is, in the event of approval, obliged to pay the tuition fees.

3. Cancellation of registration
A withdrawal of the registration free of charge is possible within a maximum of 14 days after conclusion of the contract with European Education Group AG. After this period the total tuition fees will become due. A termination pursuant to paragraph 6 is possible. Registration will be void if the admission is not allowed under regulatory and / or for other good reasons; in this case the contract is void and no tuition fees are payable. Academic study programs will be executed in cooperation with institutions entitled to confer the corresponding degrees. Fees raised by these institutions are included in the program tuition fees.

4. Rights and obligations of candidate
In the study programs the candidate has access to a virtual classroom, online tests and electronic study material. He/she has the possibility to contact lecturers in the virtual classroom and to communicate electronically with the supervising lecturers.

The candidate fulfils his/her obligations to cooperate, especially attendance and performance obligations in terms of academic efforts, information and the provision of resources and access completely, timely and free of charge (for example, attendance of lectures in the virtual classroom, delivery of personal achievements without unauthorized aids, a functional Internet- PC with enough storage space). Should a candidate be prevented by a good cause to take a test, this is to be reported immediately and to be supported on demand (e.g. medical certificate for illness).
The candidate should keep all contract data private and secure, in particular PIN, other codes as well as the virtual classroom passwords. The candidate has to inform the European Education Group AG immediately about the loss of his access data. Electronically provided teaching materials are copyright protected and may not be further disseminated or otherwise disclosed to third parties without the approval of the European Education Group AG.

The candidate is required to immediately communicate any data changes that are contract-related, including name and address changes, to the European Education Group. The students in the study programs are not insured by the European Education Group AG or the respective validating and / or awarding university.

5. Tuition Fees / Payment Conditions
The tuition fees are due after conclusion of the contract and approval of the application by the university or institution executing the program. The candidate receives a confirmation of admission to the respective study program and an invoice for the tuition fees, which must be paid within 14 days. Teaching material is only provided in electronic form and is included in the tuition fees. Furthermore, access to the virtual classroom, online examinations, and class lectures and exams are included in the tuition fees.

If the duration of the doctoral studies in Health Care and Jurisprudence exceeds four study years, additional tuition fees become due, which amount to EUR 1’500 per year (starting from the 5th study year on). Additional minor fees, like e.g. for the student identity card, have to be paid by the student to the cooperating institution and are not included in the program tuition fees.

Not included in the tuition fees is the candidate’s travelling to and from the university, as well as additional cost for visits at the university, such as catering, accommodation, insurance, and costs for third-party audits (e.g. TOEFL) or any other additional language tests. Upon termination and re-registration or after a transfer to another course the then effective tuition fee applies. Regulation changes to the study program are reserved by the University!

6. Termination
Termination by the applicant is possible at any time. This must be in writing by registered mail. The applicant will receive no tuition fee refund for any kind of study contract termination with the European Education Group. Tuition fees that are paid off in instalments must immediately be paid in full after the termination.

In case of exclusion as a result of disciplinary actions or poor performance the applicant is not entitled to any reimbursement of tuition fees.

7. Virtual classroom
The applicant warrants by signing the study contract that he has fully read and approved the content of the participants’ conditions for the virtual classroom and the associated terms and conditions, which he got handed along with the registration form.

8. Privacy Policy
The European Education Group assures that all people who are internally entrusted with tasks know the relevant data protection regulations and instructions. The European Education Group collects, stores and processes data that are necessary for the provision of services in the area of academic education and training, for handling and maintaining customer relations and billing.
The customer agrees that the European Education Group shall seek, under the study contract, personal information that is necessary for the entrance examination and the provision of research programs, and that his/her data be allowed for processing for the same purposes within the European Education Group AG and its affiliates.

If a study program of the European Education Group is conducted jointly with third parties or the candidate takes part in a program organized by third parties, then the European Education Group AG may disclose data about the candidate to third parties where this is necessary for the provision of such services. Otherwise, no information will be passed to third parties without the consent of the candidate.

9. Force majeure
If a party fails to comply with its contractual obligations despite all diligence due to force majeure such as natural events of particular intensity, acts of war, strikes, unforeseen regulatory restrictions etc., fulfillment of the contract or the date on which fulfillment was due will be postponed according to the force majeure event.

10. Place of Jurisdiction
Liechtenstein law applies. Place of jurisdiction is Vaduz, Liechtenstein.